About Us




Specialists of Surveying and Mapping prepared to provide the following services:



1. Topographic and geodesic work:



• Topographic survey of general and special purpose scale of 1:500 - 1:5000;

• Shooting underground and surface facilities (engineering communications) in the scale of 1:500 - 1:5000;

• Engineering survey for the construction and operation of buildings and structures;

• Line survey - roads, power lines, gas lines, water lines;

• Land surveying;

• Building profiles and cross-sections;

• Building 3D terrain models and individual objects;

• Vertical planning and cartogram excavation.


2. Geodetic ensuring of construction.



• Stakeout axes and design solutions;

• Location survey;

• Counting the amount of earth masses;

• Executive surveying;

• Office processing the data.


3. Engineering and survey work for the Measurement of buildings and structures:



• Shooting facades of buildings and structures;

• Work on Tonnage Measurement of areas of buildings.

High quality of work is guaranteed by high professionalism of performers, the use of modern high-precision surveying equipment. To conect us go to page <<Contacts>>